Kay Lynn came to us after suffering from daily headaches, migraines and jaw pain for more than eight years. She told us that she was in pain at least 25 days of the month and if she was lucky she would have five pain-free days a month. Kay Lynn woke up with daily jaw pain and headaches that progressed into migraines as the day went on.

Kay Lynn is a busy wife, mother, and grandmother, and is active in her church. Her daily pain has caused her to miss out on a lot of events and holidays with her family. She even spent Christmas in the hospital because she was in so much pain.

Kay Lynn started treatment with us and has not experienced a migraine since the second week of treatment. Her headaches are becoming less frequent and of a shorter duration. Her jaw pain is completely gone since she has been given her custom-fit orthotic that she wears nightly. She also tells us that she is sleeping a lot better and feeling well rested since starting treatment.

She is enjoying getting back to her regular lifestyle and spending time with the ones she loves. Our treatments have been life changing for her.